Our goal at Fusion 1 is to facilitate how your company does business by providing you with a truly unified communications platform, while also adding money to your bottom line.  We strive to give you more freedom in business operations by allowing you greater mobility and maximizing process automation to help you focus on the bigger picture of growing your organization.  We are ever-changing to close the 'gaps' businesses face so that nothing will be lost in translation from one department, or workflow, to another. 

In summation, we exist only to help you achieve success with all your existing and prospective company contacts.  Fusion 1: Contact. Success.


Experience Crystal Clear HD Voice Quality - Stay ahead of the curve with the latest telecom technology to keep your business on the cutting edge.  Our state-of-the-art IP phone offerings will keep your whole organization well connected whether they span across a few employees in an office, multiple international locations, or just a team of work-from-home agents.

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Complete Sales Automation Software - The answer to all your hopes of unified communications.  You can now manage all your leads, contacts, email campaigns, inbound calls, outbound dialing, call recordings, SMS campaigns, etc from ONE platform!  One login account will allow you to manage all your data and campaigns that pertain to your user level.  Running your business just got a whole lot easier!

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Monitored Network Security

Most network attacks happen when you least expect.  You'll rest easy know that we have staff that monitors the traffic coming into your network. We record everything from bandwidth usage, packet loss, and even router temperature to ensure your network performance is up to spec at all times.

Innovative VoIP Products

In addition to countless features like Auto-attendent, Voicemail to Email, and unified phone system management, you now have access to make all changes without having to pay your 'IT guy' to do it for you.  Everything from Caller ID display management, to Time Conditioning for during and after hours call distribution can be altered with ease from our state-of-the-art Virtual PBX interface.

Automated Client Interaction

So you spent your money to acquire a lead from your website, or TV ad, or other marketing source.  Then you pass it to your best sales rep, but they are not able to follow up in a timely manner and the prospect decides to do business with your competitor.  Ouch!  Say "NEVER AGAIN!" with our sophisticated contact auto-responder.  Whether it's an email inquiry, SMS, or web submission, our system will send out a custom message and/or phone call to the prospect within 1 MINUTE to ensure them that they have your full attention right away.

"Ok, you have my attention. So what do I get when I sign up?"

We're glad you asked!  We know every business has different needs, so we take the time to survey your situation and deliver only what you need. Based on our core suite of products, here's what you'd get...

(Our low monthly pricing for all this will knock your socks off) 

  1. GrandStream VoIP Products

    You'll get the most cutting edge telecom products to meet your business needs. Reach out and touch the power of clear call quality and reliable service.

  2. SimpleWan Network Solutions

    Take one less worry from your mind when it comes to having a secure and solid internet connection. You'll have peace of mind knowing that we are monitoring your network for hack attempts and network up-time.

  3. FusionPBX

    You now have full control over your phone system and call metrics. We'll help you architect, deploy, and tweak your call routing based on your business (and/or personal) needs.

  4. FusionCRM

    No more need for duplicate data entry. Save time with our CRM with integrated telephony features. Enjoy click-to-call, incoming call pop-up, auto-lead search, call recording, and much more right from your own company CRM. Contact Success!

Unified Systems Made Simple!

Stop wasting time trying to figure the best way to connect all your locations and devices.  We've done the leg-work for you.  Lower your cost, simplify your life!

Un-tether your Business Communications!

Fusion 1 Communications has been Rated the #1 Telecommunications provider for small and medium-sized businesses.  We specialize in business telecom and equipment solutions that make sense for the end user. As technology gets more advanced, the price typically goes down.  We are no exception to that rule.

For the best Unified Communications platform, call Fusion 1.

We are renowned as being ahead of the game when it comes to business  Telecommunications. In addition to being attentive, knowledgeable, and, professional, our clients come to us because of the reputation and expertise we've earned over the last several years.  Our telecom clients return again and again because we are the best there is at what we do!  But don't just take our word for it... Simply CALL us today at 888-549-7909 for an appointment, and find out why Fusion 1 Communications treats every client like royalty.