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Your trusted experts for your business communication needs

We don't like busy signals.  When a prospect is gracious enough to contact you for info about your product or service, why would you show your gratitude by playing a beeping sound into their ear?  We know first hand how this can play out.  Roughly 10 years ago, we subscribed to the local telephone (now cable) company get some 'reliable' phone service.  Only, as our business grew, we quickly found that we needed more lines to accommodate the influx of calls.  We lost a lot of business because we didn't want to spend more money on phone lines we might not need, but knew the importance of taking on new customers.  So we set out to find a hosted phone system that could help us out.  Lots of bait and switch, long contract commitments, expensive equipment, complicated solutions, etc.  

So finally, we decided to put our minds together (with our extremely generous software coders) and come up with a unified solution that would not only be cost-effective, but cutting edge.  After using our solution for a year or so, we decided to run a beta test with a few of our current clients.  The response was overwhelming and we knew there were a lot more businesses that were suffering by NOT implementing this technology within their organization.

We now offer an all in one solution for sales and customer service-oriented businesses for both in office and field applications.  We may not be the best solution for your outfit, but you will likely discover new avenues to which you can conduct your business more efficiently in the realm of communications.

Why we're better:

- Specialize in business communications
- Hosted/Managed phone system
- Sales automation platform
- Auto email drip campaigns
- Contract mail-merge automation
- Seamless CRM/PBX integration
- Cut cost on monthly phone bill
- Cut cost on crm monthly bill
- Keep better track of all sales calls
- Archive of all call recordings
- Real time reporting for ACD
- Fax to email capability
- VM to email capability
- Email msg read and duration metrics
- Next record auto dial function
- Increase productivity by over 300%
- Multi-department work flow automation
- Monitored and fire-walled network for secure and reliable service
- Friendly and knowledgeable support staff for peace of mind training, implementation, and daily operation

Call us today for a FREE, NO PRESSURE consultation and ask us what we can do to make your business interactions more successful.