Network Monitoring and Security



The Technology Behind SimpleWan

The SimpleWan solution is comprised of a cloud-based service. The Service, with small modular boxes (known as nodes), is deployed at any location that has an Internet connection. The system creates a network of devices that can give the cloud manager control over the local and wide area network of the customer, while managing the through-put and function passing via the WAN. Our advanced technologies can manage these independently from one source or link the nodes together creating a large wide area network with an easy to control single interface. The cloud manager to the end user has the ability to manage the network in real time via the cloud portal.

How hard is it to deploy our Routers?

Very simple! To deploy our solution, it provisions much like a VoIP phone or cable modem does. You input the unique number of the device into the SimpleWan system and it self-provisions, with little or no interaction from the end user, including IP addressing or any complicated connection like PPOE. Changing or moving a device is just as simple as setting it up; everything is auto configured and managed through one cloud interface.

Built-In Network Security

With SimpleWan, we provide incredible security while assisting service providers, making sure that every customer location remains in compliance at the highest levels. Our technology allows the end user as much access as the service provider wants to allow. If the provider or the end user make changes that are in violation of security policies, the service provider is made aware of the issue and advised of a solution. It is our utmost goal to provide a PCI and HIPAA compliant solution without constant upkeep by the end user or service providers.


  SimpleWan Monitoring Device
   Users: Up to 300

   Price: $379.99 USD

    (plus $45/mo monitoring)


HIPAA Compliant

Security is important today and healthcare is one of the most at-risk areas. Our product provides this security out of the box. As rules change the solution actively makes the required changes or notifies the deploying company of an issue.

PCI 3.0 Compliant

Every day there are headlines of compromised credit card systems. Most of these systems area breached from the end provider's network. The SimpleWan solution actively takes part in making sure all new compliances are taken into consideration and the highest level of security is applied.

Breach Detection

SimpleWan notifies the deployment company of immediate spikes in bandwidth or abnormal network activity to immediately respond to a breach. The best way to protect data is active monitoring. We help service providers leverage their time and actively monitor the infrastructure for them in real time.


The SimpleWan solution can actively monitor the primary Internet connection and fail-over to a backup DSL, Cable, or Wireless 3g/4g device in the event of an Internet outage, in as little as five seconds. For real-time applications and services, this provides an SLA better than a T1 or Fiber.




Traffic Management

SimpleWan is designed around traffic management and traffic flow required by many of today's real-time services including VoIP, Video, Point of Sale and other real-time monitoring systems. These real-time systems are built-in technologies that don't always properly communicate on congested networks. Our technology identifies these technologies and makes sure that ALL packets related to these services are sent and received. The SimpleWan system specifically makes these technologies work well on normal or congested DSL & Cable style networks without any configuration, right out of the box. The way the Internet works, it's not a matter of if a connection will become congested or have a problem, it's a matter of when. Regardless of if it's a massive upload or maxing out your bandwidth, with SimpleWan, all the real-time traffic will make it to and from its destination.




With today's networks, outages are a real possibility, especially with generic Cable and DSL connections. The SimpleWan solution can provide multi-wan fail-over including full fail-over with a backup connection or a 3G/4G wireless connection. Our special design can fail-over telephones and computers in as little as eight seconds, restoring full functionality. In conjunction with our special technology, vMPLS can keep an entire wide area network up. Our solution is engineered for high availability with today's standard networks.



Voice Prioritization

VoIP is the standard for business. Our products have built-in, proprietary technology that will keep your phone calls clear and jitter free. Even on low-speed connections, we can help improve the overall quality of your calls. We can reserve a set amount of bandwidth when a call is placed, and keep it until the call ends, it's then released to be used by other devices on your network. This prevents one device from hogging bandwidth while simultaneously keeping your calls clear and perfect.



Network Monitoring

For hosted providers, diagnostic tools are huge. Ost providers they have no way to manage or monitor traffic between their network and their customer's. All of our tools are built for advanced diagnostics and data for all real-time applications. We provide real-time visual traceroutes, MOS scores, latency, jitter, along with, a matrix style monitoring system. We have advanced detailed bandwidth graphs and historical reporting for last mile carrier troubleshooting.

The Smart Routing technology can easily save time & money by ensuring packets move quickly and efficient across the network. vMPLS can provide QOS (Quality of Service) and COS (Class of Service) prioritization for time-sensitive applications such as Voice and Data, completing a seamless and fully meshed Wide Area Network.




vMPLS, or Virtual Multiple Protocol Layer Switching technology is a SimpleWan™ service that allows users the ability to connect multiple geographical locations through a secure carrier-neutral managed network, providing access to the entire corporate network securely from any location, leveraging the full benefit of network-based technologies. Companies with locations in different states will find it nearly impossible to find one carrier who can cost effectively provide a private and secure Ethernet network that connects all of their locations. SimpleWan™ makes it possible by providing a carrier-neutral deployment system. vMPLS is based on SimpleWan™'s Patent-Pending Smart Routing Technology which leverages over dozens of private backbone connections to provide the shortest distance routing between endpoints, no matter where they are located. By leveraging broadband access that is readily available, SimpleWan™ provides scalable and flexible solutions that are cost-effective for even the most price-conscious customers while still providing a state of the art solution.

It's Fully Meshed
Deploying a traditional Fully Meshed Wide Area Network has traditionally been extremely costly, time-consuming and difficult. With SimpleWan, you provide electricity and any Broadband connection and SimpleWan will build your own private and secure cloud with Fully Meshed topology. Our vMPLS routers are provided and installed at each location, those locations will be granted secure access to your company's cloud with full cloud-view connectivity to other locations connected to your private infrastructure. Mobile users will have the ability to connect to your cloud from any location and just about any device.



Content Filtering

Today's high-tech offices require different levels of filtering depending on the user's duties. For compliance and security, content filtering is available per user and per site. Description of filtering and levels can be changed in real-time based on the needs of the users and the location. This can help restrict "bandwidth hogs" or users that should be blocked from certain content.


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