Truly UNIFIED Hosted CRM Platform

Whether you're just a small shop working out of a "sticky note-infested" office, or you use multiple online services to manage your leads and accounts, you'll love the ease and flexibility of our Hosted CRM Solution.  Unlike other solutions, we don't charge an arm and a leg to help you manage your clients. Add fields and workflows as needed to get the most out of your CRM experience.


Working from home today, but across the country tomorrow?  We've got you covered!  Access your CRM from anywhere in the world with internet access and monitor the progress of your team with an easy-to-use web portal. You now have the power add, edit, or remove fields in virtually any CRM module without the need for an expensive and time-consuming programmer.  Build powerful workflow automation sequences that save time and ultimately increase your bottom line. 


How would you like to make and take calls directly from your desktop CRM application?   All your calls (inbound and outbound) will now be fully accounted for and documented in the activities section for each lead.  Just one interface is all you need now to keep track of all your calls, emails, and even SMS communication between your company and your clients.  Send out powerful Email or SMS blasts, or single out just a few that you want to correspond with right from your CRM interface.  Every call can even be recorded with a link to the audio file placed next to the duration and time of call in the history section of the lead or account record.  All features included for just one low monthly rate!  Hence: Contact. Success. (get it?)


By this point, it can only be assumed that you are now picking up the phone to call our "mediocre-looking", but expertly-trained communications staff to sign up with us.  If, you happen to get Joe Montello on the line, just hang up.  That guy's a real jerk... just kidding.  He just 'THINKS' he knows it all after 22 years in the business, lol.  But truth be told, you will not find a more experienced and courteous team of telephony specialists to help you with your business communication needs.


If, by chance, you're NOT calling us right now in order to find out more information, then it can only be assumed that your phone service is just THAT BAD and you just can't seem to maintain a proper connection. No problem. We understand.  Just Click Here to send us a quick message and we'll get right back to you.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.